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Tradition, quality and sustainability

Almost a century ago, we first started the production and distribution of alfalfa seeds through Oliver Seeds. Thirty years later, we set up a fodder dehydration plant. Throughout our history, we have prioritised quality, innovation and customer service. Today, thanks to our commitment to digitalisation, Liverco is positioned as an international leader in the current market.


Transforming collaboration

We consider our suppliers as partners. We foster collaboration with our suppliers by nurturing strong and consolidated relationships based on trust. We work with a more technological and collaborative approach that translates into process optimisation.


We have developed our activity in the agricultural sector since 1962 through the production, dehydration and commercialisation of fodder for animal feed, guaranteeing complete control in all processes, from the selection of seeds, their cultivation and production to their distribution.




A global footprint

We have a solid experience in the international market for years. We export continuously to different countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, France, Portugal, China and Japan.

This international experience has helped us to strengthen our commitment to quality, innovation and customer service, the latter being one of the main pillars of our company.