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The Power of Nonconformity

Can you feel that discharge that comes from nonconformity? That feeling defines our history. We've been driven by it for more than 90 years, impacting industries and improving lives.

More than nine decades imagining ways to make a positive impact

Four generations of idealists have shaped the business group that today we are the great Enhol family.

From our origins until now, we have never stopped dreaming, reinventing ourselves and identifying opportunities in new sectors.

Everything created from a seed germinated to encompass a wide range of industries and helped spread our impact around the world.

Today we continue working on sustainable impact as our mantra and innovation as a growth lever.

The gaze of meaningful impact

We look at the world with a unique perspective: the perspective of significant impact. In our early days, we anticipated the trends in the agricultural sector in Spain and became market leaders.

We drove a new energy model by leading the transition to renewables from the wind industry.

In recent years, we revolutionised the way we eat, work, and live together, reimagining the food and real estate industries.

Renewable Energy

Impacting the world with an eye on change


We are committed to digitalisation and to preserving the highest quality standards in all our production processes.

Healthy eating

Breaking food trends


Challenging new sustainable housing alternatives

We prove with every new project and every new venture that we can transform industries by making a positive, meaningful, and real impact.

For generations, we have kept Enhol’s gaze alive. An attitude that pursues opportunities as an agent of change.

The gaze of meaningful impact


Enhol family members




Millions of euros invoiced in 2023

A group of companies united by the seal of commitment


Imagine, believe, make an impact

Today, differential talent is also non-conformist. Our way of doing things is guided by values that give shape to an attitude: seeing the needs of the community as opportunities for our activity to add value and a way of doing things: absolute care for people, relationships with our partners, reliability, and responsibility in our daily practice.

Aware of every step we take

There is no alternative to responsibility. The planet is crying out for us to rethink the way we move around it. Hence our group’s commitment to promote renewable energies, to lay the foundations for a new food model and to devise new ways of working and living in community.

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